Are Ice-Catcher & Percolators Useful Auxiliary Parts for Glass Water Pipe?

The main difference between a glass water pipe and other types of smoking pipes is the water that is present at the base. A bong is made of several parts and the glass Bowl remains at the external part of a bong. This part of a bong contains dried and ground cannabis, tobacco or other herbal substances used for smoking. After lighting up the dried herbs, the smoke passes through a ‘slide’ and enters the ‘downstem’ through the ‘joint’. The ‘joint’ bridges the ‘slide’ to the ‘downstem’. The lower end of the downstem stays immersed in water. The smoke enters the long tube of a bong after being filtered by the water and losing the impurities as well as the heat. The tube extends up to the mouthpiece. These are the basic components of a bong which may be fitted with other additional components.

The additional components attached to a glass water pipe enhance the experience of the smokers. The ash-catcher is a useful component that can be added to a bong in order to prevent the ash (generated from the burnt cannabis) from getting into the water. You may attach an ash-catcher to the ‘stem’ and may attach the bowl to the end of ash-catcher. Therefore, the smoke becomes filtered before coming in contact with the water. The Bongs remain clean for a long period of time and no ash particles can get into the mouth.

The percolator is another useful component that can be added to a glass water pipe for smoother smoking experience. Percolators are used for better filtration of smoke. Some bongs have a built-in percolator; however, not all bongs are fitted with this component. You will find different types of percolators in the market capable of filtering the smoke in different manners. The ‘Tree percolator’ is a commonly found percolator for water-pipes. This durable percolator has excellent filtration capacity and usually costs less than other variants of percolators.

The Showerhead percolator is another affordable percolator for a glass water pipe. It can effectively filter the impurities out of the smoke and can be easily cleaned. A Swiss percolator is another useful component that can be attached to a bong. It is made of flat sections of glass with numerous large holes. Hence, the percolator looks like a piece of ‘Swiss’ cheese. This type of percolator provides excellent filtration and may be pricier than other variants.

A propeller percolator can be added to a glass water pipe for additional filtration. It looks like the propeller of a boat or airplane. It spins in order to filter the smoke when it passes through the water. It can filter the smoke faster than other variants of percolator and is ideal for large bongs. However, this type of percolator is difficult to clean and may be pricey.