Important Points to Consider before Contacting the Cosmetic Packaging Suppliers

The packaging of the beauty products or skincare products is not just used to appeal to the consumers. It is equally essential for the protection of the content of the bottle or tube from various environmental factors during the delivery, in the shop or through a consumer’s use. The packaging is also used to create brand identity and to deliver vital information to the consumers. It is also possible to prevent leakage through appropriate packaging. With custom cosmetic packaging, you can also create a distinctive identity for your brand. Hence, it is important to prudently select the packaging of the cosmetic products before contacting a supplier.

Packaging Material

It is essential to determine the material for packaging before contacting the cosmetic packaging suppliers. These days, the consumers are not just concerned about the look or feel of the packaging. They are equally concerned about the impact of the material of the packaging on the environment. You may consider using the following materials for the packaging of cosmetic products. These materials can offer adequate protection to the content of a container whilst being recyclable. Hence, these materials leave no footprint on the environment.

The HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) is a commonly used material for the packaging of cosmetic products. This durable material is resistant to the damages caused by moisture and most chemicals. This particular material can tolerate the level of temperature from -100ºF to 120ºF. Therefore, HDPE is resistant to climate-related damages. However, the cosmetic packaging suppliers may avoid using the HDPE for the packaging of some essential oils and fragrances, as this material may collapse due to being in contact with these chemicals.

The glass is another material that is used for the packaging of cosmetic products, as it is capable of staying unchanged in contact with almost all types of products or chemicals. It is also possible to manufacture the glass containers in customized shapes and colors. The glass containers also look sophisticated. Therefore, many brands of luxury products use glass for packaging. However, glass containers are weighty. Hence, many cosmetic packaging suppliers use PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate Plastic). It is a lightweight material and has a transparent appearance similar to the glass. Therefore, it is possible to create attractive containers without increasing the weight of packaging when using PET.

This material is also resistant to the climatic damages, as it is capable of withstanding the temperatures from -40°F-120°F. PET may even be used for the custom cosmetic packaging as efficiently as the glass, as it can be colored in various shades. This eco-friendly material is also easily recyclable. Any of these three materials can be used for custom packaging. However, it is prudent to request a sample before selecting the final material for this type of packaging in order to make sure that the final product looks the way you want.