Personal Injury

Is It Helpful That theInjury Lawyer St Catharines Charges Contingency Fees?

When you suffer from injuries due to the negligence of another person, you need to file a personal injury lawsuit at the soonest. But when you are already in a financial crisis as you have to pay the hospital and medication bills regularly, paying an Injury Lawyer in St Catharines will be beyond your budget. But legal fees should not technically prevent you from hiring lawyers. But one thing that you are missing out on is that every injury lawyer will work on a contingency fee. It will be more of a compensation arrangement between the advocate and you. 

Delve deeper into the concept

You must have heard of the lawyers who charge hourly fees for consultation. But the legal field of tort laws and cases is completely different. Here, the Injury Attorney St Catharines will not charge you a penny until you win the case. It implies that the attorney won’t earn any fees unless your case is successful. After winning, you have to pay a certain percentage of your money to the lawyer. But the attorney will mention the percentage of fees before you decide to proceed with the case. 

Clients get real help

Legal professionals know that a client will approach the Injury Lawyer in St Catharines only after suffering from some physical damage. As you will be undergoing treatment at that time, you need money to pay the medical bills, counseling fees and use the saved money to compensate for the loss of wages. In such a position, getting legal help at the cost of more money is impossible for the majority. Hence, to help the clients strengthen their financial condition, the attorneys will charge only when your account gets the credit from the defendant’s account.

Inspire the lawyers

When an Injury Attorney in St Catharines accepts your case, they will have to spend money for a collection of evidence, interrogating the eyewitnesses, and supporting the helping team. The lawyer will get the money only when you succeed in winning the case. And this becomes the driving force to inspire the lawyer to handle each case seriously. Winning the case implies that the lawyer won’t lose the investment and earn much more than the investment. But before signing the terms and conditions, ensure the percentage that the attorney is demanding. A too high percentage will leave nothing much for you, and so, considering the factor for hiring is important.

Complete benefit package

When the attorney is going to claim the compensation, the person will show the calculation in such a way under the genuine heads of expenditure that the court will grant the amount if you can prove the defendant’s negligence and the link of your injuries to the act of negligence. The award should cover the charges for court fees, filing fees, fees for the expert witnesses, and the transcription fees for the deposition. Once you pay off the remuneration of the lawyer, the entire compensation amount will belong to you, and you can utilize it to live better.