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Understand Collision Liability with the Injury Lawyer in Whitby

Collisions can be of different types and one of these is a side-impact crash. The injury lawyer in Whitby helps you to determine liability in such situations. Another term for this is a T-bone accident and the car collides with the one before it at a 90-degree angle. The passengers on the vehicle side often suffer from severe accidents. It does not have any structural barriers like a steel frame for protecting people from the crash. The collision is common at the road intersections as the injury lawyer in Whitby explains to their clients.

The reason for this is often negligence of the drivers and this includes the failure of yielding the right-of-the-way. The drivers may run a red light or the accident is the result of distracted or drunk driving. When a side-impact collision occurs, determining the liability is an important aspect. Drunk drivers may run the red lights, T-boning vehicles at the intersection. Here, the liability rests with the driver driving drunk and running the red light, leading to the collision. With the drunk driver indulging in the drinking habit at the business establishment like the bar. Even the establishments face extra liability when the employees there offer alcohol to visibly drunk people.

The injury lawyer in Whitby represents victims that were the victim of driving accidents. At the road intersections, a phone call can distract you easily and while you are answering the call it is easy to miss a stop sign. This leads to collisions where the car strikes the vehicle side at the intersection when there is a right-of-the-way. Then there is the sideswipe accident where one or more cars traveling in same directions collide. Such collisions are dangerous when it happens on freeways. The speed is faster here and the drivers fail to anticipate the crash. The damage liability in the sideswipe accident collision depends on the driver with the right-of-the-way.

According to the injury attorney in Whitby , when on freeways with the exit approaching fast it is necessary to change the lanes quickly and in time. Failure to examine the blind spot during the lane changes may lead to a collision with the car in a lane you wish to enter. Here, the liability lies with you because you failed to examine the blind spot as you changed lanes. When driving in rainstorm, you may notice vehicles approaching the adjacent lane at high speed.

With the car pulling up alongside, hydroplanes on puddles may cause drivers to lose control of the vehicle according to the injury attorney in Whitby. Here, the liability rests with the drivers as they were driving over the speed limits especially with the road conditions.