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Will Injury Attorney in Collingwood Explains Liability in Speeding Accidents? 

Car accidents are always overwhelming and scary as the injury lawyer in Collingwood knows very well. After the collision, those involved suffer from myriad uncertainties and their priority is to recover from the sufferedinjuries. There are worries related to the financial burden, as there may be lost wages, car repair needs, and medical expenses. Get the compensation you deserve through insurance claims or you may need to file a lawsuit to get the deserved amounts. There are worries related to liability,if you were the one speeding or are partiallyat fault in some way. 

Talk with your injury lawyer  to understand your options better. In the comparative negligence situation, the insurer determines where the liability lies and if both drivers were responsible for this occurrence in some ways. When there is negligence on both sides it shows that the drivers failed to take the needed precautions while driving. This involves a complicated process that goes beyond simply determining the fault of the drivers involved. For comparative negligence situations, the fault of the drivers for the accident is in the form of a percentage. 

Speeding affects this, as the injury lawyer in North Bay explains. When the fault is most of the other driver and you admit to speeding at the time, partial responsibility for the crash is yours. The payment of the settlement is as per the percentage of your fault for this. Those with 25% fault receive 75% of the total damages from the insurers. The victims may receive the damages, even when they are over 50% at fault for the accident. This means that someone with 99% fault in the crash may receive one percent from the insurer, based on the damage calculation. 

According to the injury lawyer in Collingwood, there is no clear formula to determine the effect of speeding on the fault percentage for the crash. It is up to the insurance company to calculate this. When you disagree, the lawyers take the case to the court with the jury calculating the fault percentage. Every situation is different with the circumstances determining the financial outcome for the drivers involved in the crash. A driver driving on the poor roads too fast is more negligent than someone going a degree over the posted limits on good roads. 

The determination of the effect of speeding on the collision’s liability is complicated as the injury lawyer in Sarnia says. Those speeding when the collision happened should know that the insurer tries to assign some fault percentage to the victim. The lawyers work with you to maximize the damage amounts. Drives may speed up on the roads when they believe that there are no others cars on the road or are simply reckless and careless.